Several of my recent presentations on the fast ray model are below. I have indicated both the file size and MD5 checksum. The large zip archives include numerous Windows Media Video (*.wmv) files. Note, in one of the powerpoint talks the link between the presentation and its videos are broken.

IEEE OCEANS 2010 Powerpoint Presentation
(8.6 MB, MD5: 1d42ac55501d2fac79572a82756cc256)

Zip archive of a talk given at the ASA meeting in Kansas City, 2012
(124 MB, MD5: 2f39aab0bb59737f7eaa43b78b100784).

Zip archive of two talks I gave at the UAM meeting.
(46 MB, MD5: 130b3b3197cf40ded9ae4ea20a134018)

Zip archive of a talk given at UMST 2013 in Panama City, FL.
(27 MB, MD5: 9f968ddd680c0bf553a1ac7cc6e8ccc4)

Powerpoint Presentation at UMST 2014 in Panam City, FL.
(1.1 MB, MD5: 799b3cd48076f7a39ff62f7ce116ba90)